Bringing the Outdoors In

It is a natural need to feel a connection to our outside world. When you think of calm, do you see a beautiful green space with plant life and flowing water? As our residences become more energy efficient, we look to a way architecturally that allows us to maintain a connection to nature from inside our homes.

At Kings Way Homes we understand the best way to accomplish that goal is with superior windows. Our staff spends a lot of time working with various vendors to find high quality widows that best serve our customer’s needs. Our window of choice is Marvin Windows, a durable and aesthetically appealing fiberglass product. Their fiberglass is eight-times stronger than vinyl and three times stronger than vinyl/wood composites. Marvin’s proprietary product also resists fading, chalking, peeling and cracking.

Energy efficiency is a significant feature when choosing a window, but we also consider the optical aspects, functionality, and its placement in a room. Our designer will sometimes use a casement window instead of a single hung window to keep the visual line uninterrupted.

Casement Window Example

Single Hung Example

Divided Lights in between panes of glass.

Another interesting element of a window is the pattern of divided grilles. Marvin uses grilles in between the glass so the grilles are protected and do not become misplaced or damaged. It also makes cleaning incredibly easy and efficient, cleaning one large piece of glass instead of cleaning each tiny piece between the grills.

Occasionally we will mull a grouping of windows together. Mulling means attaching two or more window or door units together. The joint is then finished with a mullion center cap or mull trim.

Marvin also supplies our patio doors, same great material as their windows. The more glass you can put in your home, the more you feel like you are part of the great outdoors.

Moving forward, the building industry is going to be continually pressed to find innovative ways to merge homes with the surrounding environment. Marvin has been fast at work designing a new product for 2020. They recently announced the “Marvin Skycove, a fully constructed glass pop-out structure that expands interior space and provides a comfortable, cozy place to gather”. Currently, there is nothing like this on the market, and it is sure to inspire a change in the industry that creates a stronger bridge to nature.

Come visit our Kings Way Homes models this next weekend and see for yourself how Marvin Windows can make your new home bring the outside in and your family closer to nature.

-Lori Nelson

New Home Consultant


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