To Paint or To Stain…that is the Question

I am referring to millwork i.e. interior doors, window casings, baseboards, mantels, beams and crown molding. The question is discussed in great length, by the families that walk through our homes. Based on years of meeting the public in models and working with customers on selections, I have developed a theory. The answer to this question is gender based. From my perspective 95% of the time, men prefer stained millwork and doors with women almost always preferring paint.

Personally, I feel that the painted millwork will pop wall colors and accessories more than a stained product. If you absolutely cannot agree with your significant other, why not compromise and paint the trim and stain the doors. Our models mix different elements, stain on some, paint on others. Painting the perimeter cabinets but staining the island as well as the ceiling beams and the mantle offers a very elegant finished look.

At Kings Way, our customers are not only selecting paint or stain for their millwork, they are deciding on several styles of over-sized 7-1/4” base and 3 ½” casing. Passage doors, hardware and mantles can be chosen from a generous collection of products and styles. And our amazing ceiling detail is also included in our unique millwork features. Those outstanding embellishments offer our customers another opportunity to truly customize their home with our well-appointed finishes.

Take time this weekend to walk through our exceptional model homes and discover all the distinctive design and craftsmanship that Kings Way Homes has to offer.

Written By:

-Lori Nelson

New Home Consultant


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