What’s a Water Closet?

You have decided to build a new home and there are so many choices to make it’s keeping you up at night. Don’t lose sleep, Kings Way Homes has a dedicated designer to help you make all those important decisions from the exterior of your new home to all of the interior products you select. Today I’m going to talk about one of those decisions that we use every day, plumbing, specifically Master Bathroom plumbing. Kings Way can help you customize your bath to be as unique as you are.

First you should know that Kings Way Homes use a luxury manufacturer that is one of the finest in the field of plumbing, Kohler. Kohler has been in the business since 1873 making some of the first indoor plumbing products. Today they are a worldwide producer of the most innovative and environmentally friendly goods in the industry. And we are supporting a Wisconsin manufacturer!

We start your Master Bathroom out with a gorgeous all tile shower personalized by your choice of tile and finish. I always recommend adding a hand shower in place of the standard wall mount faucet. This will allow you lots of flexibility and is great for cleaning the larger showers and larger dogs! There are plenty of other great options as well including music, filtration for your shower water, electronic valves that can be programmed to provide automated shower profiles at the touch of a button, as well as relaxing and invigorating shower sprays and rain heads.

Some customers decide they would like a tub as well as the shower. Freestanding tubs are the newest trend, usually with deep soaking wells and lumber support. However, if you want some extra conveniences they can come with heat, music and BubbleMassage. BubbleMassage has become the therapy of choice over the older jetted models. This new therapy has air jets releasing bubbles in your bath that gently massage the body. An important feature of this system is the automatic or manual purges of the bath water, keeping the tub hygienic and easy to clean.

Each Master Bath comes with customized cabinets, granite or quartz counter-tops with under-mount vanity bowls and faucets. Currently the trend in faucet finishes is black. I caution you to consider how long that look will be in fashion and if you might regret that look in the long run. The one finish that will not go out of style is Polished Chrome. Always in style, and available in traditional or contemporary designs.

And last but not least, what is a water closet? Otherwise know as the throne, the latrine, privy and toilette. Kohler has many styles, heights, colors and seats. This product has gone through a lot of changes in the last couple years. It’s height has been raised to accommodate not only the aging public but people in general prefer the elevation. Another note worthy option is the Revolution 360 swirl flushing and CleanCoat™ technology which inhibits the growth of water scale and mineral stains for improved ease of cleaning. Designing for the environment, Kohler has made their water closets preform at 1.28 gallons per flush saving our water and saving on our water bills. And for people that prefer their toilets to be intelligent, you can have auto open and close, heated seats with foot warmers, ambient lighting and Bluetooth your favorite tunes.

Your bathroom is not the only room Kings Way Homes will customize for you. Our team of talented specialists will make your Design/Build process extraordinary. Visit one of our models this weekend to discover the luxury and personalization building with Kings Way Homes provides.

Written By: Lori Nelson/New Home Consultant/ (262) 352-6333

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