Wrapping It Up

You have probably seen this popping up around your area, new construction homes that are wrapped in bight green material with thick black lines. Easy to spot from the road...but what is it?

The strange yet appealing looking wrap is called Zip System. It is a wood structural sheathing systems with tape that takes the place of Tyvek and it is the newest addition to Kings Way Home's building process. Zip System is an integrated air and water-resistant barrier that delivers moisture and air protection in one system.

How does this system work? Particle boards that make up the walls to your home are pressed with the green wrap in the Zip System factory to ensure the highest quality and then are delivered to your home's job site. Once these particle boards are placed and installed, the seams are taped off with acrylic seam sealing tape that provides further weather protection to your home. The sturdy sheathing eliminates gaps to prevent water from seeping in and rotting the wood, and it is breathable so when humidity is high, the water vapor is pushed out of the board through the sheathing.

Long lasting quality is Kings Way's foremost goal when building your dream home. We are constantly evaluating our process and integrating new technology to ensure the highest quality for your home. This new innovative system protects your home during the building process and for years after your home is complete. And now, Zip System is another high quality, standard feature that you can expect when you build a Kings Way Home.

For more information on Zip System, check out the literature under our Custom Homes Tab on our website!

-Lori Nelson

New Home Consultant


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