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Finding Inspiration

Reflection, Gray Clouds, Drift of Mist, Earl Gray, Rhinestone......if you are thinking these are words taken from a teenagers dream board, I wouldn't blame you. Rather, these are only 5 of the thousands of paint colors offered by Sherwin Williams. With countless options at innumerous companies for the endless finishes of a new home, it can feel overwhelming to decide! How are you expected to wade through the sea of selections and make sure your cabinet handles go with the style of your kitchen while also not clashing with your pantry door handle or the tile of your back splash?

Technology is the answer! Not too long ago, building a home meant going to countless model homes, that display limited range of style, taking pictures of the aspects of the home you like, that you will then have to develop, hoping the colors and bright flash keep the image true to the real life look and feel. Even when you could capture images on your phone, the practice was far from perfect, again leading to dark photos that were primarily viewed on the tiny screen of your phone.

But now everything has changed! From the comfort of your home, you can browse through millions of professional photos displaying every imaginable style, product, and color. Through websites like Instagram, Houzz, Pinterest, and more, you can look up exactly what you are envisioning on large tablets with the option to zoom in on specific part of the photo. With all the possibilities, this may seem like more of a challenge, but a quick save of your favorite kitchen photos is an incredible place to start! Especially because at Kings Way Homes, you aren't alone.

Kings Way Homes has an in-house designer that is an expert at taking your pile of saved photos and perfectly matching colors and finishes. The range of styles that show up in our homes is astounding. Ultra contemporary, cozy traditional, modern farmhouse, industrial chic, they all have been executed with a professional grace, creating spaces so unique and beautiful for each of our customers!

If you are curious about our process or what Kings Way Homes can build for you, contact our New Home Consultants! They will meet with you in our office or our model homes with floor plans and design examples to inspire the home designer in you!

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